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Breast Reduction

Large or full breasts are not always what one desires. Large breasts can cause changes in poster, back, neck, or shoulder pain, chronic irritation under the breast fold, for one to be self-conscious. Breast reduction is a surgical procedure where a portion of the breast gland and fatty tissue is removed resulting in smaller, more proportionate, and more comfortable breasts.


There are several surgical techniques to achieve the desired outcomes and the proper approach will be discussed with you during your consult with Dr. Buono. Breast Reduction may also be paired with liposuction under the armpit area to obtain an aesthetically pleasing result. *


You may plan for a week off from work and four weeks of no heavy lifting and minimizing your activity. Your dressings will be changed at your one-week follow-up appointment with Dr. Buono and you will be required to wear a soft support bra for approximately four weeks.

You may experience tenderness, swelling, numbness, and bruising for a few days after surgery depending on the extent of surgery.


Just like with any surgery, results can vary, and Dr. Buono will discuss realistic goals with you. Long-term results are affected by age, general health, and maintenance of weight. Dr. Buono also requires her patients to be non-smokers for most of her procedures, including a Breast Reduction.

Possible Complications: 

Dr. Buono will discuss the risks and possible complications with you at the time of your consultation. These may include, but are not limited to, pain, scar or widening of scar, swelling, infection, temporary or permanent change in nipple sensation, fluid collection, infection, damage to or loss of breast tissue, bleeding, or need for surgical revision. Those who tend to develop thickened scars (hypertrophic scars or keloids) may or may not after a Breast Reduction, however, these scars may be treated with Dermatix® Ultra or medications if necessary. If a complication should occur, it will be addressed as indicated.



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