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Gynecomastia is a breast condition that is associated with the development of excess breast tissue or enlarged breasts in men; affecting men of all ages.

Enlarged breasts can be the result of an overall decrease in testosterone,

genetics, excess weight, medications, drug or alcohol use, and health conditions such as hyperthyroidism.

Men who have recently lost a large amount of weight may improve the appearance of their chest and rejuvenate their torso with male breast reduction.


Male breast reduction is performed using liposuction techniques that remove excess skin and fat tissue. The nipple is repositioned once the desired size and shape is contoured.


Mild to moderate tenderness may be expected for a few days and activity is limited for approximately 4 weeks. A compression garment may be required to be worn during this recovery time for comfort, and to reduce bruising and swelling.


Dr. Buono will discuss all possible risks with you at the time of your consultation.



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